Drive Massive Traffic with Pinterest

Website traffic can be greatly increased using pinterest because the site can be programmed to give a direct link to the source of certain content. For example, if you have something on your website that you want to increase the traffic to and you post it to pinterest you can include with the pin the original URL that the material came from, which would be your site.


This capability would be extremely beneficial to both bloggers and businesses. Bloggers can increase traffic to their sites with this by posting an interesting image, story, recipe, or whatever applies to your blog, onto pinterest and providing your blog URL with the pin. Businesses can take one of two approaches to their pins. One of those is to just put the product onto a pin and provide the URL of where to buy the product. This works well for products that people will typically be willing o buy off the Internet, such as inexpensive jewelry. This does not work so well however for businesses that sells products that aren’t typically bought online or businesses that don’t have a product. For either of these situations the other method would be employed, that being similar to the blogger method. Post a pin of something interesting on your website, on in some cases just something interesting, and provide your website URL as the source. If the content pinned is worthy, both interesting, eye catching, and unique, then people will be very likely to click on the source URL you provided and view your website.

This method of increasing traffic is so effective for a number of key reasons. For one the number of people using Pinterest is huge, currently over four million. The user base is also growing at an astounding rate, more than quadrupling in size in the past three months. On top of the size and the growth of the number of users, each user is estimated to spend 15 minutes a day on average using the website. With that many people spending that much time on a single website, people are sure to eventually stumble upon your link.

The other advantage to using Pinterest as a marketing method is that it is a very specific audience that you will be marketing to. The users of Pinterest are almost exclusively 25-35 year old females. This is great for businesses or blogs that are targeted at that demographic, because it increases the possible interest in your site. It is also an advantage to websites that aren’t targeted at that group because you don’t have to waste your time marketing in a place that you know the users wouldn’t be interested in what you’re offering.

As you can see Pinterest can be a powerful marketing too, and the best part is that marketing on Pinterest is free, and can be done discretely. The person going to your site could never know what they just clicked on was actually an ad, which is a very good thing.

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Hansjoerg Niederegger

I am a Internet Marketing Pro and create solutions for small and medium Business Owners to attract more customers.