Branding Your Business with Pinterest

Pinterest had a massive audience, and is a great place to brand and market your business. This also applies to people who freelance, pinterest is an excellent resource to find potential clients.
For businesses that sell a specific product or products you have the option of putting your product directly into a pin. You can then include a direct link in the post to the URL of where the product is being sold. This allows you to direct interested buyers directly to where they should buy it from. An extension of this strategy is to also offer special deals to pinterest followers. This can be done using something like a promo code or they can be put onto a mailing list the receives coupons. The best way to do a mailing list like that is to keep a consistent schedule with the coupons, like once a month or so for example.


Another method for branding yourself or your business on pinterest is to create a brand channel. This feature allows your business to have its own boards that can be user contributed, or entirely made by the company itself, and can help you concentrate your material and create more focused pins in general. This also gives you the ability to take advantage of the massive number of analytics tools pinterest gives you access to. This data can then be used to see what kind of demographic your product and marketing style is appealing to.

Also on the note of gather demographic data, you can use pinterest to run surveys and essentially get free market research and product ideas. Not only does this let you see what your audience is interested in buying but it also gets more people to join the group that is interested in buying your products, and gets the already interested group more involved. Buyer involvement is key in getting repeated buyers.

Two tips for branding your services as an individual or free lancer are to get in communication with other professionals in your field, and to use pinterest to arrange collaboration with others. There is no shame to ask questions, and pinterest allows you to ask questions about your profession to other people, in most cases people who are in your field but more successful than you. Getting advice from these seasoned experts in the field can make you immeasurably better at your job. Pinterest can also be used to arrange collaborations. For example if you have a project deadline coming up you could ask some people for help, and because of the tight knitted nature of the pinterest community, you are likely to get some help.

Pinterest can be an extremely lucrative marketing and branding tool for both businesses and individual free lancers alike, with free analytic tools, the ability to imbed URLs straight into posts, and countless other advantages. All of that on top of a huge and growing audience of over 4.4 million users who spend an average of 15 minutes a week on the site will give your business the key advantages it needs to succeed in the marketing department.

About The Author

Hansjoerg Niederegger

I am a Internet Marketing Pro and create solutions for small and medium Business Owners to attract more customers.