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Promoting your business, or even your services as an individual, can be hard, but it’s all about having a large audience. Pinterest is the perfect place for marketing because it is a very large website, with over 4.4 million users. These users are also extremely faithful users, a recent study shows that the average pinterest user spends an average of fifteen minutes a day on the site. Did I mention it’s also growing faster than anything previously seen, acquiring almost its entire current total of users in less than a year. What’s more is that the audience is of an extremely concentrated demographic. The users of pinterest are almost exclusively female, and are almost entirely between the ages of 25 and 35.


The huge audience and dense demographic isn’t the only thing pinterest has to offer. If you open a channel on pinterest
specifically for your business you get access to a chest of invaluable analytics tools completely free. These tools will allow you to see things like how much traffic you’re directing to your website from pinterest, how much traffic is being directed to your pinterest, and exactly where the traffic on your pinterest is coming from. This allows you to find people promoting your business and reward them in some way, which of course leads to more promotion from that person.

One great thing you can do to drive up your online popularity as a business for a while is to run a contest on pinterest. This contest ideally would include prizes that are packages of your products, or possibly cash, and should somehow direct people to your company’s website in order for them to win. You could also have a requirement to sign up for a mailing list in order to have a chance at winning, which will then allow you continued contact with the people who interacted with you pinterest.

One great thing for big companies to do is make their brand more people friendly so to say. This can be done by posting picture of people around the office, and using low quality images from things like handheld cameras rather than using images that are obviously taken in a studio, using a model, and then extensively photo shopped. You could also do this by hosting a real world event, like a company cookout for example, and promoting it on pinterest. This not only makes your brand seem more human, but also gets people to interact with your company in real life.

Cross pollination between sites is always a good way to increase people’s loyalty to your brand. If your company has a Facebook, that account can be synced with the company’s new pinterest channel, and people from the Facebook page will see on your feed that you’ve started to pin things on pinterest. They are then highly likely to go and check it out, further reinforcing their connection to your business.

These are just a few of the ways you can use Pinterest to further your business marketing, and there are literally countless others. But remember, creativity is one of the best ways to have a successful marketing plan.

About The Author

Hansjoerg Niederegger

I am a Internet Marketing Pro and create solutions for small and medium Business Owners to attract more customers.