SEO Friendly Images

Why SEO Friendly Images?

Google Images search is often neglected source of free traffic. By doing couple of optimizations namely by optimizing your ALT and TITLE text you are able to significantly improve the chances of your image appearing in the image search.

SEO Friendly Images is a WordPress plugin that automatically optimizes all images on your blog for search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. It does that by adding the optimal ALT and TITLE tag to the image based on the image name, post title and other customizable parameters. The plugin follows the Google Image publishing guidelines and makes sure all your images (both old and those newly posted) are automatically optimized.

It does things for your user experience too, for example automatically showing the images in a beautiful Colorbox when clicked.

It can also change how and where your  images link through set of rules. For example in your archive or index page you can have the images link to the post, and when clicking the image in the single post it is shown in the Colorbox.

That’s not all, SEO Friendly Images PRO automatically creates the images XML sitemap which you can submit to Google (through Webmaster tools) to automatically help add all your images to the Google Index.

This is a highly effective way to improve your Site and also an huge Time saver. Doing all this SEO on the Images can consume lot of your valuable Time. I use this Software on my own, as also for our Customer Pages.

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