Travel Tip: How To Protect Your Laptop From Information Thieves and Petty Criminals

If you travel much then you probably have a laptop with tons of sensitive personal or professional information on it (IDs, Passwords, Personal Documents, Business Planners…) that must be protected from accidental loss or theft.

But what do you do if the worst happens? What do you do when your computer is misplaced, lost, or even snatched right out of your hands? Nothing.

There’s little you can do unless you install special software like Prey Project that will track or even “lock down” your electronic device for you through the Internet.

Prey Project introduction from Carlos Yaconi on Vimeo.

Open source anti-theft solution for Mac, PCs & Phones – Prey

Prey is a lightweight laptop and phone tracker that helps you locate, secure, lock and recover your stuff if it goes missing. Works in Mac, Windows, Linux and Android phones.prey

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