From Zero to HERO with 3 simple Steps

Do you ever wanted to create INSTANT CREDIBILITY?

I do it for my Customers every Time and it works like crazy.

Complete Strangers comming to a Page, take their Creditcards and BUYING the Stuff. Sometimes just a few hours after going Online.

And for Online Marketers and Networkers it is a very simple Skill to master and if done right it increase the sales above most people can imagine.

Here are the tree Steps

  1. Get your BRAND
    register your Domain-Name and use a .com adress for international Business. if you market yourself, try to get your name.
  2. create a selfhosted WordPress BLOG. avoid FREE services. nothing is realy free. you pay with your credibility! if you host it with Hostgator the installation is very easy. look for a easy to use professional WordPresstheme.
  3. go SOCIAL
    create your Profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LindedIN and other RELEVANT Social Communities. Use your REAL NAME and get connected with your REAL FRIENDS!

    NEVER create any “Marketing Profiles”. You just risk to get banned and you will NOT create the instant credibility to your Visitors.
    Put your Social-Networks on your BLOG so others can easy check them out.

The more REAL information you use, the faster your Visitors feel comfortable to get connected with REAL People.

With this easy three Steps you are ready to START selling Stuff online. Whatever you will sell, you will find somebody who will buy it. Of course you should think about your credibility everytime you choose a product to sell. Building credibility is easy, keep it high to make longterm Business is a little more tricky. To many people destroy it just for trying to make some FAST Money.

About The Author

Hansjoerg Niederegger

I am a Internet Marketing Pro and create solutions for small and medium Business Owners to attract more customers.