The desperate Facebook Marketer

We all know them, and some of us are upset with them.

Their Idea of Marketing on Facebook is to Spam ALL their Friends with “become a Fan of [whatever]” requests.
(usually[whatever] means themselve or their client)

They ask:

Would you become a Fan of my Webseite “”?

NO? what about become a Fan of ME enstead: “sleazy-jerk”

what about subscribing to my Video Channel “jerks-time-wasting-videos”

Still no? How about “”?

no? please…  fan something?  anything? please?

These People add everybody and everything to their Friendslist, just to send out more of their Spam. They do not realize they already blocked and nobody reads their messages anymore.

Facebook is one of the most populare SocialNetworks and thats the reason why it is a great place for Marketing too.

But only if you do it right. Here are some do`s and don’t s on Facebook Marketing:


  • put your face on your profile (its called FACE-book)
  • share your interests
  • get connected with your friends first
  • find link minded people by joining groups
  • add a personal message to your friend requests
  • get connected with the “big” names of your interests or your business


  • posting marketing messages
  • just clicking the like button on every post
  • accept fake profiles in your friendlist
  • accept spammers in your friendslist
  • taging the names of leaders in fotos they don`t know about
  • posting on other peoples wall your marketing link (realy not cool)

Got it? I think so. Lot of us have seen this stupid nerds spamming our Wall and just delete them.

There are still People out there teaching Newbees to create “Marketing-Profiles” and try to connect with everything on this Planet to send them their AffiliateLinks. None of them make real Money or get some real results by doing it. So think twice before following stupid advice.

How in the world can you leverage Facebook
into a relationship building, trust acquiring, cash-cow
producing slot-machine that will work for you 24×7?

Be sure to grab a coffee and relax.
This 76 minute long training is extremely content rich
and will absolutely help you develop a presence online.

Remember, YOU DO NOT SELL YOUR BUSINESS or ADVERTISE on Facebook…that’s considered SPAM and Facebook is like any other social media networking tool…they don’t care about your business anyways!

You want to promote YOU as a leader, an expert, a person who can bring value into their world and solve their problems.  It comes back to ATTRACTION MARKETING…this is the ONLY way to use Facebook effectively and really the ONLY way to MARKET EFFECTIVELY in our industry, period.  (hopefully you know that by now).



About The Author

Hansjoerg Niederegger

I am a Internet Marketing Pro and create solutions for small and medium Business Owners to attract more customers.