The most efficient way of turning visitors into customers

Hansjoerg Niederegger
Look at it from the consumer’s point of view:
1. You want the consumer to spend money – a reasonable amount of money.
2. The consumer has reservations or fears.
3. In order to overcome these reservations, you need to build trust.
4. In order to build trust, you need to build a relationship.
5. In order to build a relationship, you need a means of regular communication.
6. At this point in time, the only way of communicating with prospects without any
interferences or distractions, is by sending a private message or an e-mail.

By applying an autoresponder, you can schedule messages to be delivered at times that suit you, or at preset intervals, calculated from the moment of sign up.

Why this is so importand

  1. It allows you the opportunity to build a relationship with the prospect and establish trust. The benefits of this will reach very far beyond the first sale.
  2. It has been statistically proven that the average consumer needs to be exposed five to seven times to any given offer before a final decision is made. You would stand to lose anywhere between 50 and 80% of your potential income by being  not able to have repeated contact with your prospect.  Most people tend to overlook what is probably the biggest single advantage of building a list, – the fact that you can send alternative and/or additional offers to your subscribers. Fact of the matter is, the biggest money lies in the back-end.
  3. Having a list will allow you to do joint ventures and cross promotions with other marketers operating in related niches.
Let’s assume you’re not building a list. You are simply driving traffic to a sales page.
You have done a very good job and written a number of articles, and you have received a total of 1000 visitors to your sales page. On receiving a “cold” visitor, the sales page converts at 2%. You make 20 sales, the other 980 visitors just left your Page and forgett about you and your offer.
Now let’s take that same amount of traffic, and use it to build your list. You have 1000 visitors coming to your squeeze page. Let’s say you have a reasonably decent squeeze page, and it converts at 30%. You now have 300 people on your list. By offering value and using some well written emails, you convince ten of them to buy. Because of your communication, the sales page is converting at a much higher percentage.
Over the course of the next few weeks, you can offer alternative products or services, and similar, lower, or even higher prices.
Sure, it is a “lot of work” to make all those emails. But once you’ve written all of them, it’s done. They will be there to do your sales work when you send the next 1000 visitors. And the next, and the next…
What’s that you said just now about not wanting to build your own list ?… 😉

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