Genesis Mining Webcast – October 21st 2016 – Episode 10 Zcash

Did you ever wish to started in the early days of Bicoin? There many new Cryptocurrencys starting and nobody knows wich one will succeed. But listen to this and make you own decision:   Check out the Zcash Page for more Information:

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Bitcoin 101, with Daniel Altman

It’s been a big year for bitcoin, the virtual currency. This is the currency which only has value because people want to use it. They want to trade it so that they can buy things online, buy things perhaps in private settings and so they can hold onto it because they expect it will gain…

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Bitcoin: Die Ära des virtuellen Geldes

Die Staaten und Banken haben Angst vor der Entwicklung. Aber es wird nicht mehr so leicht zu stoppen sein. Dieser Beitrag aus dem Jahr 2014 ist sehr interessant. Die Zeit sich mit Bitcoin zu beschäftigen und zu lernen wie diese Technologie funktioniert ist jetzt! Weitere Artikel und Informationen folgen hier. Wer nichts verpassen möchte sollte…

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Happy New Year – top 10 resolutions

The Top 10 New Year Resolutions are: Spend more Time with Family and Friends Fitness Loose Weight Quit Smoking Enjoy Life more Quit Drinking Get out of Debt Learn something new Help Others Get Organized In just a few Days most Resolutions are obsolete. Its not my own List of New Years Resolutions. I just…

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Opensource Keyword Manager KeePassX

Just in case you do not know what KeePassX is, here is a short description… KeePassX is an application for people with extremly high demands on secure personal data management. It has a light interface, is cross platform and published under the terms of the GNU General Public License. KeePassX saves many different information e.g.…

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The Last Password You’ll Have to Remember!

Lastpass is a very cool Service that make your Computer more secure. Check it out on

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Internet History Infographic

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“XP ist das unsicherste aller Microsoft-Betriebssysteme”

” Windows XP ist nicht nur das unsicherste aller Microsoft-Betriebssysteme, seine Nutzung wird auch immer risikoreicher”, mahnt das Unternehmen.Microsoft versucht, Nutzer mit drastischen Aussagen zur Aufgabe von Windows XP zu bewegen. Zum aktuellen Security Intelligence Report des Unternehmens heißt es dazu von Microsoft Deutschland: “Windows XP ist nicht nur das unsicherste aller Microsoft-Betriebssysteme, seine Nutzung wird auch immer…

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Boost Your SEO Ranking With Pinterest

Pinterest provides a variety of advantages for individuals or businesses trying to boost their SEO ranking. These benefits include everything from in depth analytics and being able to provide direct links to your site, to being able to add specific tags and create a brand channel. One of the first advantages most businesses or blogs…

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Drive Massive Traffic with Pinterest

Website traffic can be greatly increased using pinterest because the site can be programmed to give a direct link to the source of certain content. For example, if you have something on your website that you want to increase the traffic to and you post it to pinterest you can include with the pin the…

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Branding Your Business with Pinterest

Pinterest had a massive audience, and is a great place to brand and market your business. This also applies to people who freelance, pinterest is an excellent resource to find potential clients. For businesses that sell a specific product or products you have the option of putting your product directly into a pin. You can…

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Promote Your Business With Pinterest

Promoting your business, or even your services as an individual, can be hard, but it’s all about having a large audience. Pinterest is the perfect place for marketing because it is a very large website, with over 4.4 million users. These users are also extremely faithful users, a recent study shows that the average pinterest…

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Getting Started With Pinterest

Pinterest is easy and fun to use and anyone can become an expert in just a few hours of use. The interface has been designed to be intuitive and it quickly becomes second nature, almost like simply breathing. Like almost all websites pinterest has a homepage. Here you will find some of the most recent…

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Say NO to vertical Videos

Are you using Smartphones to make videos? There is a new phenomen you should avoid. Watch the Video

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Googlers [Google employees] must ask to use Windows

Googlers must ask to use Windows because “Windows is harder because it has ‘special’ security problems so it requires high-level permission before someone can use it.” In addition, “Windows tools tend to be heavy and inflexible.” San Diego, CA: Most Linux people know that Google uses Linux on its desktops as well as its servers.…

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